Pacific Businesses

Pacific Growth Services aim is to provide a platform for Pacific Businesses in Bay of Plenty to be empowered through establishing synergies with the wider business community and building capacity to match industry and market demands leading to sustainable growth and to facilitate the ambition of the Pacific Business Village initiative. 


  1. To create a network of Pacific businesses to create a Pacific circular eco system for a long-term prosperity for Pacific people.

  2. Facilitate engagement with Tier 1, Local Councils and Agencies to support the growth of Pacific businesses.

  3. To facilitate Pacific businesses providers to support SME Pacific thrive and scale.

  4. To partner with Economic Development Agencies, Local Councils, Business Chambers, Government Agencies and Pacific providers to fully understand the current and up and coming projects to align the opportunities with our Pacific businesses.

  5. Facility Networking events to connect with other Pacific businesses.

  6. Celebrate the contributions of Pacific businesses to the Economic Development and to the Regional Economy as well the national economy.

Apply for funding to upskill Pacific businesses and professionals who qualify based on minimum annual turnover thresholds (to be determined)

  • For our Pacific Businesses who do not meet the minimum threshold for annual turnover, Pacific Growth Services will endeavour to apply for financing or support from various partner organisations (Charitable Trusts, Government, Education Providers etc.) to ensure that the training needs of the Pacific Businesses are met.

Engage the procurement arm of territorial authorities, government ministries, corporations, large companies to leverage the social procurement conditions outlined in the Government’s procurement guideline to ensure Pacific businesses are considered for all works.

  • At Pacific Growth Services , our staff have well established working relationships with various territorial authorities and large businesses in the region. We hope to leverage our position with various government bodies to be stringent on their evaluation processes around social procurement policies with a particular focus on the selection of Pacific businesses for all government funded projects. However, we understand that in order for us to have a larger stake in the discussions we must be able to provide evidence that our Pacific businesses are able to meet the demands of the projects and at the same time meet the minimum requirements set by their respective industries. As such, there is a great need for points (1) through to (4) to be implemented to ensure compliance and put us in a place to better leverage our position.