Pacific Growth Services (PGS)

Established in September 2021, Pacific Growth Services is an economic services provider based in the Bay of Plenty which focusses on the empowerment of our Pacific communities through providing a platform and the right tools for Pacific businesses to thrive.

PGS is well grounded in community life in the Bay of Plenty with established links with the wider business community, education providers, and also territorial authorities. Such relationships PGS continues to foster going forward as an avenue to help our Pacific businesses realise their true potential.  In all, we have adopted a holistic viewpoint that the success of our Pacific businesses hinges on us giving them the right tools and opportunities to achieve. In doing so, the outcome is a thriving Pacific community.

The Bay of Plenty remains New Zealand’s fastest growing region since the turn of the decade with a steady growth of 2.7% since 2013. Its growth has presented welcomed opportunities not just for the wider community but specifically for our Pacific businesses and professionals in the region.

Pacific peoples make up just under 4% of the region’s total population according to the last census in 2018. As such, our presence in the business community is also underrepresented with only 411 businesses and professionals in the region identifying as Pasifika. Needless to say, there is a great need to invest in the growth of our Pacific businesses to keep up with the growing population in the Bay of Plenty. To do this, there’s a need to leverage our position with territorial authorities, chamber of commerce, marketing platforms, tertiary education providers and the like. However, to date there has not been a legal entity or body that would be able to voice the needs of our business community and act as a mediator between pacific businesses and large government bodies, private organisations, and enterprises. Pacific Growth Services hopes to fulfil this role in service to our Pacific peoples.

PGS have been working with various Pacific businesses and professionals to seek out opportunities for growth, identify individual business needs and also areas which require capacity building. However, in order to fulfil the role of mediator and voice for the Pacific business community, there is significant time and resource investment required of Pacific Growth Services. 

‘O le tele o sulu e maua ai figota’
My strength does not come from me alone, but from many.



Realising the aspirations of our ancestors for Pacific families living prosperous futures in Aotearoa for generations to come


The go to connector bringing Pacific people, Pacific businesses and key partners to deliver better economic success for our communities

Our values


We are professional and authentic to who we are and our foundation of being Pacific


We empathise with our people and partners seeking the full context before acting


We are driven to deliver efficiently and high quality for our people and partners


We strive to do the right thing by our people


Our people and partners can rely on us


We strive to be the best in our approach and continuously innovate to meet the needs of our people

What we do

Pacific Growth Services is focussed on accelerating our Pacific people and Pacific businesses across the bay area. We do this buy bringing people, businesses and key stakeholders together to unlock the potential of our people. We believe that bringing people, businesses and key stakeholders together with the right opportunities create the right conditions for growth across our bay area that enriches the economic growth of our people.

We provide:

  • Opportunities for Pacific people and businesses by leveraging our unique connections across the public and private sectors

  • Networking events for Pacific businesses to connect and share

  • Pastoral care support for businesses and Pacific people

  • Provide real time insights to inform systems change to better support our Pacific people and businesses in the bay area

  • Capability building initiatives for Pacific people and businesses that enables them to grow

  • Memorable events for Pacific people in the bay area to celebrate who we are

Strategic Goals

Grow number of Pacific businesses across the Bay area.

  • Deliver 3 x business networking events across the Bay area within the next 12 months

  • Deliver 1 x community event in the Bay area within the next 12 months

  • Support the establishment of 5 new Pacific businesses across the Bay area

Ensure sustainability through diversified and stable funding.

  • Secure over $300,000 of funding in the next 12 months

  • Secure 1 x multiyear funding in the next 12 months

  • Secure one nongovernment funding i.e., philanthropic or commercial support

Establish 20 Partnerships with key system stakeholders both in the Bay area and nationally.

  • Sign 10 M.O.U with targeted stakeholders that will be able to support Pacific Growth Services vision

  • Establish strategic partners within the bay area

Strengthen our pastoral care model for Pacific people and businesses.

  • Develop 1 x family pastoral care case study

  • Develop 1 x business pastoral care case study

  • Develop Pastoral Care product within the next 12 months

Build our Pacific Growth narrative to articulate who we are and what we do.

  • Build a Pacific Growth Services communications strategy that incorporates a social media plan

  • Utilise both traditional and social media through a local page to share Pacific Growth Services content

  • Develop Pacific Growth Services multimedia platform including website and social media

Core Services

Pastoral care support

Our pastoral care support caters to both businesses and Pacific families. Our family pastoral care It is a wraparound support services that ensures families receive the necessary support needed to thrive. We also look to ensure families can navigate the necessary support systems and feel empowered to continue their progress. Our business pastoral care support is focus in ensuring our Pacific businesses are fit for purpose operating in Aotearoa New Zealand and have access to the required support to continue their growth. Our pastoral care support services are about walking alongside our Pacific families and businesses to reach their full potential.

Business growth

Our business growth services is about utilise Pacific Growth Services networks and expertise to enhance Pacific businesses in the bay area. We provide opportunities and the conditions to enable Pacific businesses to thrive in the bay area. We know many Pacific businesses have a focus on ensuring they can deliver on their promise we help them realise such promise and lift their lenses to growth opportunities. We work across both the public and private sectors to unlock these opportunities for our clients.

Economic development

We are driven by the economic uplift of Pacific families and businesses ultimately contributing to the overall Bay area economic development. We realise the unique ability of Pacific people and businesses to grow our Bay economy and strive to ensure equitable outcomes for Pacific people. We advocate at local government level and play a strategic role in ensure the right insights and data reach the right spaces to support resources and support is directed to the right spaces.

Our people

Aifai Esera

The Director for Pacific Growth Services was born and raised in the village of Tuana’i in Samoa. He is also thoroughly acquainted with the Samoan culture and understands the context that comes with being a Pacific Islander raised in New Zealand. For the past 13 years, he has worked for the Tauranga City Council and has facilitated the formation of numerous business relationships that has seen the growth of many Pacific businesses in the Bay of Plenty. It also has allowed him to see the struggles faced by many Pacific businesses.

Our organizational priorities sets out how Pacific Growth Services is looking at addressing these challenges and what impact we hope to make in the wider business community in the Bay of Plenty region. What underpins our drive to help Pacific businesses is a passion that is best described by the Samoan proverb, “O le tele o Sulu, e maua ai figota” which in essence means “Together, we thrive.”

Our connected relationships

We connect with multiple organistions and networks such as local councils, government agencies, churches, the horticultural & construction industries and many health providers.