Education and Pathways

We are committed to empowering our Pacific community by providing access to a wide range of employment opportunities that cater to their unique skills, passions, and aspirations. Our mission is to support Pacific individuals in their journey towards fulfilling and meaningful careers. Here's how PGS can make a difference in the lives of our Pacific people:

  1. Alignment with Passion and Skills: PGS helps our Pacific people find employment that aligns with their passions and utilizes their skills. When our people are engaged in work they are passionate about, they will thrive and be there long term which creates sustainable employment.

  2. Skill Development: Align to skilled employment, ensuring that our Pacific workforce continues to grow and excel in their chosen fields. Through training and skill enhancement programs, it will elevate their professional capabilities and can progress further.

  3. Vocational and Micro Credential Opportunities: Provide employment opportunities that come with vocational and micro credential options. These additional qualifications not only enhance their skillsets but also open doors to higher-paying positions, ultimately improving their family situation.

  4. Empowering Pacific Women: One of the key focus for PGS is dedicated to increasing the participation of Pacific women in the workforce. Our Pacific women are the lowest paid in NZ. See more detail here.

  5. Community Partnerships: PGS has forged strong partnerships with Pacific community organizations, churches, families, and various providers and agencies. This network allows us to offer comprehensive, wraparound support to our Pacific community members, ensuring they have the resources and assistance they need to succeed.

  6. School Engagement: We recognize the importance of school attendance for our Pacific students. We are working closely with School Career Advisors to provide different opportunities for our students who are not engaged.

  7. Pacific Entrepreneurship: We encourage and support our Pacific people in pursuing entrepreneurship. Pacific people possess a strong social Entrepreneurial spirit, and we provide the necessary resources and guidance to help them launch and grow their businesses and the transition into this space.

Pacific businesses are 50% more likely to hire Pacific people, underscoring our commitment to creating a thriving ecosystem within the Pacific community in Bay of Plenty.

Our vision to empower our Pacific community, unlock their god given gifts, potential, and create a brighter future for all. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant Pacific workforce and community that contributes to the regions and national Economic Development Plan.